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I am not good at words

Thesis? Done

Graduation? It just a matter of time

Graduation preparation? Clothes? Shoes? In ongoing process

What is next? Nothing. Or it is me who haven’t had any idea

I am now have a syndrome that last-year-student usually have, which is the confusions of what I have to do after graduate. Other people will tell us an easy answer, which is “lets earn much money”. That is true (in some part). But other questions will come up, “will I be happy?” “Is it that I really want?”, “Do I want to earn money by doing this job?”,”Is it what my self wants or the society’s?”,”Will I enjoy my life if I am taking this job?” and blah blah blah. 

So until I found the answers, I will just keep questioning  


I am coming back

Hi, Its been a while since my last post, even I didn’t use this tumblr to post something that much back then. But there is always a reason behind a rare act, yep I have a reason for sure. The reason is pretty simple, I want to improve my writing skill. It is not because I want to be a writer in the future, I just simply want to improve my writing. 

Talking about writing, I always enjoy people writing. Ups not always, but depends on the way they express their thought and experience through writing. I enjoy some people’s blog secretly. Okay I don’t really mean it to be a secret, but in my opinion I don’t need to tell the owner like “hey, I read your blog frequently, please keep it update, I am waiting for the next post”. Maybe it will be fine if the owner is my close friend, but how about with acquaintance? There must be an awkward moment, and they will probably say “hmm okay thanks, I will.” and shut the blog down to public. 

Okay then, starts from now I will post my writing on this tumblr. I don’t really hope people read my post. Believe me, I don’t really hope they do. Besides, It is always good to re-read again our writing, isn’t it? Maybe by the time I do that I will think like “what the hell I am writing about?” or “How silly I am” yeah something like that. But till that time, I will keep writing and writing. Do not expect I will make a spectacular and interesting post. I am not that kind of person, or at least I think so. 


"Tuhan memang menciptakan perbedaan, agar kita belajar, belajar untuk lebih mengerti."

Pengaruh dan Hubungan

Ada kalanya analogi lebih nyata dibanding teori. Sedikit cerita dari dialog dua mahasiswa tentang mata kuliah metode penelitian

X : Variabel A dan B berhubungan tapi tidak ada pengaruh

Y : Loh emang bisa?

X : Bisa lah.

Y : Emang berhubungan dan berpengaruh ada bedanya?

X : Beda, ga merhatiin dosen ya?

Y : Iya hehe, kayaknya sama aja deh berhubungan dan berpengaruh.

X : Beda. Gini nih, gue sama lo kan berhubungan tapi ga saling mempengaruhi. Kalo lo sama dia, dia mempengaruhi lo walaupun kalian ga ada hubungan apa-apa.

Fly~ #Batucaves #Malaysia #2012

Fly~ #Batucaves #Malaysia #2012

Captured the sweet moment in Singapore :’>

Captured the sweet moment in Singapore :’>

Yesterday, my father entered my room when I was half asleep. He sat besides me, tucked me, and said if he missed to talk with me. But I was just pretending if I was in my deep sleep. I know we are in our busy phase right now, he is busy with his stuff and so do I.  I feel like by the time I grow up, the distance between me and my father become further. I remember when I was a kid, I really close with him, even closer than me and my mother. But now if I can be mean a little bit, I can say that I couldn’t enjoy the conversation with my father anymore. I always find an ‘awkward moment’ everytime I talk with him. And I can say that I am not really talk with my father rite now. But to be honest, I also miss my him. I don’t know what I am missing about, but spend the time and talk with him is the thing that I wanna really do right now. Eventhough I can give the guarantee there will absolutely be an awkward moment :’P

"I’m always wanting what I can’t have then when I realize I can’t have it I end up hurt"
"All this time, I thought that pretend to be happy is okay. But now I realize, sometimes it can hurts people feeling as well as hatred sentences."